Friday, March 26, 2010

Weird FedEx shipping routes

From the department of "Huh?"

Wednesday night I ordered a DVD course from The Teaching Company. The Teaching Company sells lectures on many different college subjects by mail order. By pure coincidence, their headquarters is only a few miles from my home. Since my order has shipped, I decided to track it. Its Federal Express route is as follows, from the original location (A) to my home (D):

For some reason, after starting out in Chantilly, Virginia (A), Federal Express must first send it north to Hagerstown, Maryland (B), before sending it south to Alexandria, Virginia (C), before delivering it to my home in Centreville, Virginia (D), which is right near the original location (A).

Ah, the wonders of the hub and spoke system!

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  1. Nothing unusual. I had recently a FedEx shipment from (A) Barrington, NJ to (F)Fairfield, NJ: a distance of 102 miles which took 10 (*ten*) days.

    It went thru... sic! Pennsylvania;)

    The route was following: from (A) Barrington, NJ to  (B) Lewisberry, PA (122 mile towards West) then back to NJ to (C) Allentown, NJ (93 miles towards East) then to (D) Edison, NJ (72 miles towards East) then to (E) Caldwell, NJ (32 mile towards North) then finally to (F) Fairfield, NJ (6 miles towards North)