Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why you should get an iPhone and skip Google Android

Apple is far stricter than Google about what apps can be sold for its smart phone. That lack of freedom has an upside: less vulnerability to malware:
The security of Google Android has once again been called into question after an academic researcher discovered 12 malicious apps hosted in the operating system's official applications market, some that had been hosted there for months and racked up hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Ten of the apps reported last week by North Carolina State University professor Xuxian Jiang contained highly stealthy code that collected users' browsing history, bookmarks, and device information and sent them to servers under the control of the attackers. The professor said they also contained a backdoor largely made possible by a weakness documented at a security conference 12 months ago that allows Android apps to be surreptitiously updated.

The malicious titles also contained functions that allowed the developers to collect login credentials for Facebook, Gmail, and other accounts...

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