Saturday, March 14, 2009

On schools, Democrats oppose economic equality

The Agitator highlights the Democrats' policy of special privileges for the rich and powerful when it comes to educating children:
Why is it that the Democrats are all about government programs to reduce inequality... except when it comes to letting poor people send their kids to the same schools the kids of politicians attend?

The standardized testing data on the D.C. voucher program is inconclusive. But parents are overwhelmingly happy with the program. Which frankly is a hell of a lot better measure of its effectiveness. ...

The Democrats’ opposition to the D.C. voucher program is completely disingenuous. The program didn’t take a dime from the District’s public schools. Only New York and New Jersey spend more money per pupil than D.C. And D.C.’s public schools are horrible. Something isn’t right. And the solution isn’t to trap as many kids in those chronically failing schools as possible.
President Obama is unwilling to have his own daughters attend public schools (both when he lived in Chicago and now that he lives in D.C.), but he is perfectly willing to condemn poor African-American and Hispanic children to an inferior education and an economically disadvantaged future.

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