Friday, February 18, 2011

Shadow Stats

From Paul Krugman, Nobel-laureate in economics:
An interesting exchange between John Quiggin and Jonathan Chait on right-wing agnotology — that is, culturally-induced ignorance or doubt. ...

I mean, I see it all the time on economic statistics: point out that inflation remains fairly low, that the Fed isn’t really printing money, whatever, and you get accusations that the data are being falsified, that you yourself are cherry-picking by using the same measures you’ve always used, whatever. There really is epistemic closure: if the facts don’t support certain prejudices, that’s because They are hiding the truth, which we true believers know.
Here Paul Krugman is talking about the right wing in general, especially Tea Party types, but the paragraph on economic statistics could easily be applied to the Shadow Stats website and its cult members followers.

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