Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The left has been consistently wrong on foreclosures

The Irvine Housing Blog gets political:
The political left has consistently been wrong on the foreclosure issue. There is a populist issue for the left to embrace: affordability. Instead, they are choosing to pander to distressed homeowners. The robo-signer scandal only gained traction because the political left kept pandering to the false belief that people were wrongly foreclosed upon. ...

Responsible homeowners are not losing their homes. And while we are all shedding tears for unemployed homeowners, what about unemployed renters? ... If we are going to subsidize loan owners with squatting privileges, why don't we do the same for renters? Where is the renter's Bill of Rights (and free handouts)? In my opinion, the political left would be wiser to pander to renters and side with affordability advocates, traditional supporters of the left.
I think the left's pandering to distressed homeowners comes from its innate tendency to view people as victims.

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